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Different lives,

common spaces,

shared memories.

Every story begins here.

Your urban

home away

from home.


A global


of friends.

Meet people from all walks of life.

Comfy and

well designed


For short or long term stays.


urban life

your way.

You're in charge.

Where community meets convenience

Come together in our well-facilitated space.

Welcome to

Upstairs Downstairs

Community Living

Co-living is like a magical melting pot that brings affordable housing and a big bunch of amazing people together! It's a fantastic way to connect people from all walks of life, giving them a cozy place to chill and a chance to create lifelong friendships. We're all about the social vibes. Let's face it, humans are social creatures! We're super stoked to curate these awesome living experiences that have a positive and impact-tastic effect on our residents. Our mission? To hunt down, spruce up, and transform buildings into dreamy hubs that showcase the absolute awesomeness of co-living.

Everything you need to get started is here.

Starting a new life in town? Or are you needing a space to live and work remotely short to long term?

Whatever your purpose, we've got you covered!


Ready to move in? So are we! Just bring along your suitcase like going on a vacation. Our rooms and shared facilities are here at your disposal, just like checking into a hotel!


Working remotely or studying? Upstairs Downstairs is wifi-ready throughout the entire premise. You can choose to work in your room or at our dedicated communal spaces.


Whether you're staying on your own or with a friend, there's always room for more friends! Meet new people from all walks of life. Cook, watch TV, chill or explore the town together.

All Upstairs Downstairs spaces are located near public transportations because your convenience is everything!

And they are located near the city center.


To find out more about our available locations and their facilities, click on the button below.

Our Locations

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